Alan Hayon and his team don’t just pay lip service to fixing business loan denials. They change lives! To date, the Credit Desk in Great Neck, NY has helped thousands of business owners, veterans, individuals, and families rebuild their credit profiles. Many were denied applicants who later obtained funding, including SBA loans, term loans, and lines of credit.

Watch the video below to see how Alan helped Chris and Michelle Jones secure an SBA loan.

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The Credit Desk uses proprietary, in-house methods that get to the root of the issue, combining increased credit scores and business management consulting. It can be frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive to get the credit your business deserves and needs. His years of experience in the lending space means that he knows how to think like an underwriter. Alan finds options that are impactful, quick, and reliable.

We help Small Business Owners secure business loans lines of credit and SBA financing. As you can imagine, sometimes our clients need help improving their credit to meet the lenders requirements. This is where The Credit Desk and Alan come in. Alan has been a tremendous help not only helping them with their personal credit, but helping them establish their business credit. The SBA is the loan that everyone wants to get, it’s the cream of the crop, but they are very selective whom they lend to. Alan is THE EXPERT in this field. He has helped several of our clients meet the guidelines that are required. We have never second guessed our partnership with Alan and The Credit Desk and highly recommend their services. Here is an example of the awesome work he does. This client did not have any business credit and in JUST 22 days, Alan has them ready to apply for an SBA Express loan with a single digit interest rate! Not only are we impressed with Alan’s quick turnaround but our client is thrilled with the results.”


    The Credit Desk works with individuals and families to secure funding for homes. Hayon starts by helping them improve their credit score but also takes the additional step of teaching them how to continue to improve their scores and prevent them from falling, setting up a plan for success.

    I’ll be honest, I was a little skeptical at first to see if they could help me fix a myriad of issues with my business credit, and Alan was incredibly intelligent and professional at understanding my issues, how to resolve them, and most importantly how to communicate effectively to resolve my concerns, and help me see the path forward. Since I started working with him, I’ve already seen some massive improvements to my business credit score, and am very excited to see what they can do with a little more time. I’ve spoken with a ton of groups who claimed to do what they’re doing, and no one has been so professional, quick, and effective.”

    “This is the ONLY company that I trust to get my clients credit moving in the right direction. Alan and his team always over deliver. Because of their work we have been able to get numerous clients funding on terms that they never thought were possible.”


    Some companies already have good credit, never took the time to focus on it, or relied on the owner’s credit. Credit Desk knows that running a business is a full-time job and owners don’t always have the time to focus on building their business credit history. Alan’s team does the work for you – the whiteglove treatment.

    I own a sales, manufacturing and distribution company. We’ve been in business for nearly ten years now, but up to this point, have never specifically focused on building business credit. This has recently become a priority for us because our company has grown tremendously over the past 12 months and we are in the process of doing some major expansions, providing new job opportunities and growing product lines with our manufacturing partners. Although we had a business profile with D&B, etc., I came to find out that it was incomplete. I was fortunate enough to have been referred to Alan at The Credit Desk. Alan and his team has done an amazing job and have been great to work with. Alan has totally proven himself to be an expert in the field of business and personal credit.”

    While my small company was enjoying a nice credit position, it could always be better. As a small business owner I was more focused on developing my business than working with credit reporting companies. Nor did I have the expertise or desire to do so. Alan was able to review our credit activity – find some reporting errors and dated “hits” from previous inquiries and take our good credit status to much better credit status easily. Whether your business enjoys a good or challenging credit status, Alan can take that cumbersome task off your plate and allow you to focus on the more important things – increasing your business!”


    The Credit Desk works with individuals and families to secure funding for homes. Hayon starts by helping them improve their credit score but also takes the additional step of teaching them how to continue to improve their scores and prevent them from falling back to previous levels, setting up a plan for success.

    Alan has been an amazing asset in my purchasing a home. He worked hand in hand with my loan officer, and was available to answer any questions I had. His company not only improved my credit but helped get things removed from my report. If you are in a position where it feels like a weight hanging over your head and you can’t get a head, reach out to Alan and let him help with that burden, he really helped me out of my rut with credit. His prices are more than fair and his work speaks for itself.”

    “Alan has been a consummate professional throughout the entire process. His background as a mortgage professional definitely helped. My husband and I have been through more than our fair share of obstacles, leaving us with plenty of hurdles to overcome; but Alan took the time to walk us through the process, make us feel comfortable and help secure our path to achieving our goals. Though we have not yet completed the 90 days in the program, we are already able to qualify for our mortgage–which we were unable to do at program inception–and are on the way to realizing a near 200 point increase in our credit scores. To Alan and his team, I say, ‘Thank you from the bottom of my heart.’”

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