Why consolidating student loans helps improve your borrowers debt ratio

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One of the biggest factors many Loan Originators encounter when trying to get a borrower approved for a mortgage is their debt to income ratios. Especially when those borrowers have student debt. That’s because often times when calculating the student loan payment for debt ratio purposes; your underwriter may request that the loan be fully […]

5 things NOT to do when trying to improve a borrowers credit

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It’s is very common for Loan Originators to provide inaccurate credit tips when working with their borrowers. So we put together a list of things NOT to do when trying to improve a borrowers credit. Don’t do these things: 1. Don’t Pay Off Collections or “Charge Offs”. If you want to pay off old accounts, […]

How to handle revolving debt to improve approval rates

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We’ve all seen that having high revolving balances can sometimes make or break an application. Here is an actionable credit tip. Opening and maintaining credit cards is a necessity for most consumers looking to build credit. However, when those same consumers fall into debt or on hardship, it negatively affects: 1. Utilization ratio 2. Debt […]

Don’t just pay off a collection – get it removed!

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You know what one of the biggest misconceptions Loan Originators and borrowers have about credit improvement? That paying off collections will raise their credit scores. That’s right. That is because collection companies have done a great job over the years of convincing consumers of that. That is why many are actually surprised to learn that paying […]

How to increase your borrower’s score 50 points in 30 minutes

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As a Loan Originator knowing tips and best practices for helping borrowers with less than perfect credit is very important.  This will not only help you close more loans but increase the likelihood of referrals from a pleased mortgage applicant. So how can you help your borrower increase their score 50 points in 30 minutes? One […]

3 ways to help borrowers with student loans qualify for a mortgage

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Did you know that over 44 million Americans collectively hold nearly 1.5 trillion in student debt? That is Trillion with a T. This has become a major barrier to home ownership in America. Leaving more than 80 percent of people ages 22 to 35 with student debt, and who haven’t bought a home yet. That […]